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  1. Monday, May 20, 2013 Climeworks’ direct air capture system produces pure CO2 stream from the air using energy from low temperature heat

    The Swiss Direct Air Capture company Climeworks AG have announced some encouraging results from their latest demonstrator plant. The portable system which houses an example of Climeworks’ technology, has shown that its process, driven by heat energy of less than 100°C can produce a concentrated stream of carbon dioxide with a purity of more than […]

  2. Thursday, May 9, 2013 Climatic Change Journal: Special Issue on Negative Emissions

    As you will hopefully see from our links page, there’s a lot of excellent literature to be found on GHG-removal / negative-emissions. And now the respected scientific journal Climatic Change has added to it with a special open access issue on the science and policy of negative emission technologies. The special issue, edited by Dr. Massimo Tavoni […]

  3. Thursday, March 28, 2013 Deconstructing ‘Geoengineering’

    by Rob Bellamy   Climate ‘geoengineering’ or ‘climate engineering’ comprises a host of different large-scale technology proposals designed to intervene in the Earth’s climate system and moderate human induced climate change. They have been broadly divided amongst Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) which seek to remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and Solar Radiation […]

  4. Friday, March 22, 2013 Small scale biochar for developing nations: a triple win situation…?

    Biochar, as a GHG removal technology, is a potentially crucial component in the fight to limit atmospheric CO2 concentrations and avoid dangerous climate change.  But what else can it do? In this guest blog, Jayne Windeatt argues that integrating small scale biochar systems in the developing world has the potential to be a triple win situation […]

  5. Tuesday, February 19, 2013 VEC finalist to speak at TED2013

    By Hannah Mahony – Feb 19, 2013 Virgin Earth Challenge finalist the Savory Institute are set to talk at TED2013. The Institute’s Founder and President Allan Savory has been chosen to speak at the TED2013 global conference ‘The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered ‘ in Long Beach, California next week. The Savory Institute works to promote large-scale […]

  6. Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Removing GHGs from the air with industrial hardware?

    Back in October 2012, many of us read the news story of the British firm that had created gasoline from thin air using electricity as the main energy input. Despite objections from the process industries community that well known chemistry was used, and that it’s currently very inefficient, it was still an important milestone. They got out […]

  7. Monday, June 11, 2012 Using cows to help combat climate change?

    By Richard Branson – Jun 11, 2012 Video courtesy of Savory Institute What if the way that humans are managing cows is the root cause of the issue? What if simply changing the ways we manage our livestock back to the way Mother Nature does it, with her large wild herds and grasslands, actually brought […]