The global carbon cycle has many examples of 'GHG removal' occurring naturally. Yet human activities that could achieve it are not widely discussed in the climate change arena. And when it is, it's usually seen as either an outlandish 'blue sky' notion, or a distraction - an excuse for 'business as usual'. We respect those viewpoints, but respectfully disagree with them.

Cutting emissions in the first place

You’ve hopefully gathered by now that, whilst the Virgin Earth Challenge is focused on ways to take greenhouse gases out of the air, cutting emissions should still be the priority for, well, pretty much everybody really.

Everyone must get involved cutting carbon emissions, whether that’s advancing entrepreneurial climate solutions through the Carbon War Room; campaigning to end fossil fuel subsidies, reducing individual carbon emissions or anything else you’ve got up your sustainable sleeves.

But if you’ve already achieved all of the above and feel this carbon-removal stuff is of interest, let’s see what we can do:

Investment / Policy / Research

If you are a potential investor, policymaker or researcher in this area and want to learn more, please get in touch with us here.

Though please note that VEC is a prize incentive and is not directly involved with investment opportunities into the leading work. Indeed it would be wrong for us to be so, due to our rules.

Guest blog for us

Global problems like climate change affect everybody. If you’ve got something in earnest to say; we’d love to give you a platform.

We’d like guest bloggers to join our growing team of independent experts on, climate change, earth system processes, global development and GHG-removal. We want original, exciting and interesting posts on any of the many areas covered by our our initiative. We like fun, informative content that’s easy to engage with without trivialising the subject matter.

Click here for a style guide and a few pointers and get in touch with us here to submit your ideas.