Biochar Solutions Inc is developing a Network of distributed carbon sequestration and soil restoration capacity by designing, producing, and selling continuous process industrial equipment to convert forest residues (carbon liabilities) into biochar and bioenergy (carbon solutions).

They perform in-house engineering of value-added biochar products; conduct carbon-negative restoration work; broker third party biochar sales; and provide commercial research, development, and management support to their Cooperative Network of equipment clients.

Biochar Solutions are selling the technologies and products that are available today and building a more functional industry for tomorrow.

Biochar Solutions were formerly merged with The Biochar Company. Together, their industry leading team built a suite of brands and companies including Soil Reef™ brand biochars and blends, Biochar Bob®, The Biochar Alliance, Biochar Solutions, Biochar Reclamation Labs and Hawaii Biochar Products.

Based in Carbondale, CO, Biochar Solutions Can also be found on LinkedIn.


Biochar Solutions at the 2012 US Biochar Conference: video courtesy of Morgan Williams

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